When Keahi Seymour was 12 years old, he was watching a TV show about kangaroos. It struck something deep in him when the narrator spoke about the way kangaroos move so efficiently by using their Achilles tendons like springs. In that moment, Seymour says that he had the idea to “replicate that in a device that could propel a human.”

He spent the next 5 years sketching shoes using ostriches as running models once he discovered that they run more similarly to humans than kangaroos. Then, he created his first prototype which combined an old pair of Rollarblades with bungee cords and steel tubing.

Over the following 20 years, there have been over 200 other prototypes, you can now go 25 miles per hour using Seymour’s Bionic Boots. His evaluation? “You really feel superhuman.”


Thanks to carbon fiber, the boots were much lighter now. To secure it to his legs, Seymour chose stable snowboard-boot clasps over lighter and flimsier Velcro fasteners. In later versions, he reinforced it with nylon straps.

His dream has not come to an end yet. Seymour said he’s working on a new prototype that will propel you forward at the speed of 40 MPH. That’s right! His dream of running as fast as a cheetah is still there, and who knows what will be his next challenge even if he could win a puma in a race.

Source: techdrive.co

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