Nothing beats spending time out on the waters on a sunny and hot summer day. Good thing that you can now get a Bestway inflatable SUP or Stand Up Paddle board for those times when you wish to enjoy the cool water. 

More and more people are now starting to discover the wonders of stand-up paddleboarding, whether it is a new way of exploring the waterways, a new medium for yoga or fitness, a substitute to kayak fishing, a fresh approach to surface, or just an excellent way of enjoying the warm weather. 

If all of these sound appealing to you, the first step is to know how to choose the perfect board and embark on your stand-up paddleboarding journey.

When you go shopping for boards, you will need to choose between solid and inflatable boards.  Both of them have their own set of pros and cons but the inflatable ones have become the favorite pick of many SUP fans these days. 

What are Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards?

The inflatable SUPs range from the very affordable recreational boards to the river running models boasting of the similar bombproof construction as that of expedition river rafts. In general, these are crafted from heavy-duty PVC vinyl that often has some internal support system. 

Inflatable SUP on water
Inflatable SUP is great for recreation

It is also possible to remove the fins for storage with the board coming with the dedicated pump, typically a hand pump although a car pump can also be sometimes included. There is also a storage bag featuring backpack straps for easy and simple carrying.   

When to Use an Inflatable SUP

There are several instances when inflatables are most ideal to use and these include the following:

There is an issue with storage space.  

You can roll up or fold inflatables into quite compact bundles then easily fit this inside the carrying pack that comes with the model. It makes them a great choice for the city dwellers as well as those with no access to garage or other suitable storage area.

Video: How to inflate an Inflatable SUP

You will access remote water.

It can be very heavy to carry a loaded carrying pack for an inflatable SUP so you would not want to transport it too far. However, if you will head over to a remote river or high-alpine lake that you can only access by trails, inflatables are no doubt your best option. 

You will take it out on the whitewater rivers.

The inflatables are quite durable that can endure constant contact with rocks as well as other obstacles in the river, making them ideal for river running.  

You plan to bring it during your vacation. 

An inflatable SUP packed in the carrying bag can be easily thrown at the back of your car, checked on the plane, or brought along on the sailboat. If you plan to play around water during your vacation, an inflatable will let you enjoy it to the fullest. 

Pros and Cons of an Inflatable SUP

Durability and portability are the best attractions of an inflatable SUP. However, these might not be that stable if you used by heavier paddlers because these are not that rigid compared to solid boards. These can also ride higher in water, making them more prone to getting pushed around by wind. 

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