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Sports sunglasses for joggers

Spice Up Your Game with Sport Sunglasses

It doesn’t matter if you are on dry land or water, on a bike or electric mountain bike, surfboard, or snowboard. Every time you engage in any form of sport, using the right equipment will only be half the battle. It is a must to invest in the proper clothes and shoes since functional clothing is a crucial part of any sport. This rule is also applicable when it comes to sport sunglasses. 

High quality sports sunglasses will not only offer clear view as it also keeps you protected from injury. But, those usual daily sunglasses are not really …

Sports shoes for running

Sports Shoes Guide for Everyone

What is the first and most important factor should you consider when shopping for InFashion sports shoes? Do you even need these shoes in the first place? How much should you really spend for your footwear? 

Do You Even Need Running Shoes?

Well, the short and simple answer is yes. Every time you go for a run, your feet undergo the simple motion known as the running gait that lands on your heel, rolls your foot from the heel to the toe, and lastly, toe-off. 

Once you step on your feet while, you are exercising a force ranging from one …

fitness 957115 640 How to Train for a Marathon on a Treadmill

How to Train for a Marathon on a Treadmill

Training for a marathon on a treadmill can offer several
advantages. Depending upon where you live, the Winter months can make
it challenging, or even impossible to get your miles in. If you live
in a relatively flat area, then you aren’t getting any practice
running up and down hills.

That can end up making a huge difference
in your time. These are just two reasons you might consider adding
treadmill workouts to your usual training routine. Let’s look
at some treadmill techniques that can really boost your speed and
endurance. As with any other type of marathon training, look …

7512507344 01a1702c6f z Organizations Help Young Girls Gain Confidence through Running

Organizations Help Young Girls Gain Confidence through Running

According to the World Health Organization, girls suffer from anxiety and depression twice as often as boys. However, several non-profit organizations are offering a way for girls to run, which will help them connect better with themselves, and teach things like confidence, steady breathing, and self-discipline.

Title IX Girls was founded by Stacy Rodriguez-Rennard in 2007. She is a mental health clinician who is also a passionate runner. “Girls between 9 and 15 are in a very precarious stage of development,” she says, “They’re operating from a very emotional and not-so-rational place.”…

LJ Studios 0012 0 The First Running Guide Dog Helps His Blind Owner Go the Distance

The First Running Guide Dog Helps His Blind Owner Go the Distance

Every morning, Richard Hunter leaves his home at nine o’clock to go jogging in his neighborhood, but he doesn’t do so alone. He has a running partner named Klinger who has long hair and a long tongue that flops out of his mouth during the whole run.

Klinger is a German Shepherd, and the very first guide dog to have been officially trained to be a running partner to a blind person. That person would be Hunter, who was formerly a school psychologist. When he was 22, doctors diagnosed him with retinitis pigmentosa, which caused him to progressively lose his …

ap540825140492 The Oldest Female to Finish a Marathon Does So at 92

The Oldest Female to Finish a Marathon Does So at 92

Harriette Thompson is 92 years old and has survived cancer twice, but that hasn’t stopped her from running in marathons every year to raise money for cancer charities or becoming the oldest woman to run in and complete a marathon.

A resident of Charlotte, NC, Thompson recently completed the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon. Her unofficial finishing time was 7:24:36 for the full 26.2 miles.…

frank6 80-Year-Old Completes His 17th Chicago Marathon

80-Year-Old Completes His 17th Chicago Marathon

Frank Abramic has been watching people run in the park by his home for years. In an interview with Runner’s World, he admitted, “I used to think, ‘These people are crazy – they don’t look like they’re having any fun. They look like they’re always in pain.’”

But, when he was 63, he had a change of heart and began running himself. Now, he understands the pain that runners endure and the exhilaration of pushing through it. This year marks the 17th consecutive year in which he completed the Chicago Marathon with a respectable 6:22:01.…

4083813727 4c2bb7d645 b Why Barefoot Running was the Best and Worst

Why Barefoot Running was the Best and Worst

Barefoot running was one of the biggest crazes in the running world, and was insanely popular a few years ago, particularly because of the book by Christopher McDougall, “Born to Run,” which is being made into a movie with Matthew McConaughey as the lead. The idea was simple: take your shoes off, and let the natural motion combined with a perfectly balanced landing on your bare foot and all of your aches and pains will go away.

McDougall called Huntington Beach resident Ken Bob Saxton the “great bearded sage” when it came to barefoot running. However, as barefoot running became …

pram Mother and Son to Set Marathon World Record

Mother and Son to Set Marathon World Record

On Sunday at the Abingdon Marathon, Jessica and Daniel Bruce became the first mother and son team to complete a marathon while the mother was pushing a pram.

Daniel Bruce was only 7 months old during the marathon, and was likely the only competitor there who didn’t hit a wall on account of the fact that he spent most of the first 20 miles napping and kept himself hydrated by drinking a bottle of milk around mile 21.…