As the old adage goes, if you cannot fight them, while not join them, right? Needless to say, people’s perspective of electric mountain bike or eMTB is starting to change as more and more riders come to realize that these bikes can actually offer them lots of fun. After all, this doesn’t mean the death of traditional mountain bikes. Instead, they just offer something different. 

Electric mountain bikes are basically normal mountain bikes but with pedal-activated power assistance found in the lower bracket and not a throttle just like what others believe. 

If you are a big fan of trail riding, you will surely love to know how riding an eMTB can offer you a one of a kind experience like no other that make it worth giving a try!

You Don’t Descend Too Fast

Contrary to common belief, when the trail is pointing exclusively down or when you want to give it a nudge, the power assistance will taper off if you travel more than 25kph. This is the time when the increased weight can become more noticeable and the penalty is that it is not that nimble. Skeptics of  eBikes seem to think that the bike is going to act like motocross bikes that tear up trails with a limitless acceleration and speed.

Top 6 descending tips. Go downhill fast on your eMTB.

But, this is actually very far from the truth. An additional benefit to pure descents was plus tyres being added that came fitted to eBikes provided for the test, offering more traction, grip, and comfort.  Electric mountain bikes possible cause less erosion on the trail in a crazy way compared to regular mountain bikes that have the tendency of seeing wheels spun once climbing gradients become too difficult.  

Technical Climbs are Smoothen Out

Technical climbs like armored corners and rocky step ups and short steep slopes usually demand the rider to manage the intake of oxygen, putting out a controlled explosive power and navigating the features at the same time.  

Electric mountain bike will not necessarily do all the hard work for you
Why is he worried? He will also be able to get up there with an electric mountain bike. Of course there must be a road 🙂

Although an electric mountain bike will not necessarily do all the hard work for you, this will give you an extra nudge on pedaling front to leave your muscles free enough to deal with the rest. There is also the pedelec motor that can keep the power consistent to retain momentum that can provide more traction for the plus-sized tyres. 

Less Shifting is Necessary But Shouldn’t be Neglected Totally

Since pedaling is unavoidably made easier because of the motor’s engagement, the tendency of dumping an entire bunch of gears before a steep pinch is almost gotten rid of. But, it may result to excessively riding on a single cog that can lead to wear and tear. The balance of suitably timed shifting and allowing the pedelec to take over can lead to the smoothest ride and best outcome.  

Ride More and Sweat Less

Among the main selling points for eBikes is their ability of equalizing riders of different levels of fitness.  An electric mountain bike opens up the sport to more riders of all fitness levels. This only goes to say that your ultra fit friends on a 9-kilogram bike will not end up dropping you on all climbs you will encounter along the way. 

Electric mountain bike in winter conditions
You will also be able to ride many difficult roads in the winter with an electric mountain bike

Now, this doesn’t mean that riding an eBike will take away all of those much-coveted challenges that trail riding has to offer. Just spending time in the great outdoors, moving your body and spinning your legs will surely trigger that healthy response of serotonin to get you heart ticking over at sustainable and comfortable pace. 

Once you get off the trail, it has significant implications if you plan to ride your eMTB as a proud commuter. These bikes let you cycle to the office with no need to worry about arriving there with your face all flushed in red and with your clothes dripping with sweat. 

Rider Gets Complete Control Over Power 

The all-new electric mountain bike mode provides progressive motor sport that automatically adjusts to the person’s riding tendencies to achieve a more natural feeling once out on the trails. There are eMTBs that come with five different levels of assistance with differing amounts of assistance and are available at Yogi online store.

At first, it is only expected that these modes may not really feel that natural. Similar to riding any type of new bike, it will only take several trails, learn the engagement points, weight distribution, and limits before you can take advantage of its fullest potential. 

Pedaling Hard Out of Corners is Not Required

Every time you exit a corner, most riders’ naturally feel that urge to want to stomp on their pedals so their momentum goes back up. With eMTBs, the pedelec motor offers assistance that can give you this power where you are required to hold back a bit on the watts. The eMTBs reward smooth and high cadence so to make sure that there is less jumpy power transition, it would be better to back off slightly and allow the tech to do whatever it needs to do. This will help save you from those embarrassing mishaps on the trails. 

Other Considerations for eMTBs 

Outfitted with several of the most powerful eBike drive systems that you can find, electric mountain bikes make it a breeze to access several trail networks in just one day. But, if you are regularly hitting the trails on your electric bike, there are several things you need to consider to ensure that your eBike and all its components will last for a long time.  

It is a must to understanding that there are more demands when riding off road on the componentry of your bike so more attention is required. But, when it comes to the eBike system, similar rules are applicable for eMTBs and commuting. It is stated that the intervals for servicing will depend on how you use the bike. For instance, you will need to service your electric mountain bike more regularly because of the punishment you subject them to. Specialist service centers can run diagnostic software on the eBike and ensure that the system runs to its full potential while making sure that it runs on the newest software for a particular system.

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