Having a quality water bag or hydra pack for your next trail rides is a must not just to carry all of your ride essentials but also to ensure that you stay hydrated from start to finish.  

Hydration packs are especially designed waist bags or packs that can carry a fluid-filled bladder. The bladder is connected to a hose that is held in place and fed over your shoulder, typically on the bag’s chest strap. 

Thanks to this, it is made easier and simpler to take regular sips of water throughout your ride. It eliminates the need for you to open up your pack to take out your drinking bottle. This will also leave your hands free so you can fully concentrate and focus on the task at hand while riding your bike.

Why Do You Need a Hydration pack?

A hydration pack can come in handy for all-mountain bikers who might not be able to add their kit to their bike just like most roadies. By having your reservoir of water right on your back, you can now say goodbye to that challenging need to reach down to the cage to grab your water and the even more frustrating task of popping it back in.

How to choose a hydration pack for mountain biking

With the help of a hydration pack, you can carry more fluid compared to what you usually would in one or two bottles. This is because it is conveniently stashed right on your back with the hose on your shoulder. As a result, you can take as many small sips as you need or want throughout the course of your ride, thus preventing you from getting dehydrated. 

Most of the time, hydration packs also have the capacity of carrying other pieces of kit. The waist strap pockets are a great spot for storing snacks while extra bike tools and layers could be kept in the pack’s  main part. 

When shopping for your water bag, there are several factors you need to consider and these are the following:


Every hydra pack uses a different type of fabric that can include plastic and polyester. Just like other bags, it is important to look for one that can endure tumble and a bit of rough and is also durable and good. Watch out for reinforced areas and ripstop fabrics since these can help your pack stand the passage of time.   

Red water bag or hydra pack
Red water bag or hydra pack


The last thing you want is to end up with an uncomfortable hydra pack. The worst thing that can happen is for them to cause some serious pain on your back and shoulder with chaffing around the bag’s straps. This pain and discomfort can easily take the fun out of your ride. Needless to say, this is a scenario that you would want to avoid at all costs.  

The good news is that you can save yourself from pesky problems if you choose a pack that best fits your frame. Never settle for the first hydra pack that the store’s sales assistant shows to you. Instead, make sure that you take your time trying several choices available. 

Using water bag or hydra pack while running
Water bag or hydra pack must fit well when you running

Many water bags will provide adjustable straps that can help achieve a comfortable fit. However, it is not recommended for smaller riders to use bigger packs. For the ladies, it is also best to check if the shop has female-specific hydra packs since most of the time, these options have the most suitable fit for women, particularly those with a petite frame.   

Fluid Capacity

It is also important for you to consider the amount of fluid that you need for the kind of activity you have in mind. If you just go for short trail rides, it will be enough for you to stick with a pack of smaller capacity at approximately 1.5 liters. However, if you love to go on longer day expeditions, you will need to go for a bigger option of around 3 liters. 

Keep in mind that you could always half fill a bigger capacity water bag for your shorter rides but you can never do the same if you will go for a smaller one. There is often relatively insignificant difference in weight when empty. 

Built-In Protection

If you have already transitioned into downhill or you are gearing up for one, you might want to consider a hydration pack that also provides protection. Aside from carrying your kit, water bags also come with a special back panel that will contour to your spine’s shape and offer some shock absorption during falls. 

Kit Capacity

For those who love to go on rides during winter or you are a big fan of longer rides, it is important that you go for a hydration pack with a bit more room to accommodate your kit. 

Smaller water bags for those who are weight conscious will cater for a bit more than a small snack and your light waterproof jacket. However, hydration packs are available in a wide selection of sizes and shapes. There are even packs that are large enough for carrying your body armor and helmet or are perfect for those expeditions that last for several days.   

Hydration Bladder Designs

Hydration bladders come in several different styles and there are also bladders that are not really cross-compatible between several packs. For instance, there are bladders that are meant to fit in the lumbar waist belt hydration pack. There are also bladders that have been designed to fit in rucksack style hydra packs. 

When shopping for a new hydration bladder for your existing hydra pack, be sure to switch with like for like. If you are looking for a hydration bladder for your rucksack that lacks one, you have to think of the shape of the spot where you will place the bladder in. 


The price of a water bag can vary a lot, from prices that are budget-friendly to those that are higher end. Just like any other products, remember that you will always get exactly what you pay for when you buy it at Promotionalgifts.eu web store. This means that there is no need for you to get the most expensive you can find. Also, remember that the price will also depend on the feature and size you are looking for. Make sure you set your budget ahead of time and determine the specific features you need and want. 

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