It doesn’t matter if you are on dry land or water, on a bike or electric mountain bike, surfboard, or snowboard. Every time you engage in any form of sport, using the right equipment will only be half the battle. It is a must to invest in the proper clothes and shoes since functional clothing is a crucial part of any sport. This rule is also applicable when it comes to sport sunglasses. 

High quality sports sunglasses will not only offer clear view as it also keeps you protected from injury. But, those usual daily sunglasses are not really enough. Sunglasses especially designed for sports feature frames made from special materials and different models are also suitable for different types of sport.

Jogging, Inline Skating, and Cycling

Sports sunglasses for joggers, inline skaters, or cyclists share several things in common. These eyewear pieces have the tendency to have a strong curve in order to offer protection to the eyes from wind when you move at fast speed.

Jogger wearing sports sunglasses
The most popular sports sunglasses lens colors for runners will be grey or brown which are suitable for strong sun

Orange, red, and yellow lenses are ideal due to their heighten contrast that is essential to recognize bumps and any other irregularities that might be lying on your path. Grey lenses are the best option during bright light conditions as these help lessen the glare without causing any distortion on color perception. But, make sure that you will still be able to see well in low light conditions or under an overcast sky. The lenses must never be too dark.


Sport sunglasses that feature an extensive vision range are great for golfers. Half-rim or rimless models are an ideal choice as well since these will never get in your way every time you look down.

Sports sunglasses for golfers
The best sports sunglasses for golf feature contrast-enhancing lenses, using color to provide the enhanced vision you need

Yellow, orange-brown, and violet lenses help make sure that there will be high contrast vision on the green grass. These pieces can also be worn in cloudy and sunny conditions alike.

Mountain Climbing and Hiking 

If you are a big fan of mountain climbing or hiking, you should opt for sports glasses that belong to lens category 3 or category 4 in places with glaciers. Since the sun tends to be more intense in more mountainous areas, the frame must have a tight fit to ensure that no stray light reaches the eyes. Brown, green, or grey lenses are more suitable in particular since these allow for a more accurate color perception.

Mountain/hiking sunglasses – do I really need them?


Every time you go skiing, it is only natural that you will get exposed to different weather conditions. Sunglasses for skiing must have a tight fit to keep you protected not only from snow but also from sunlight. This is the reason why they feature a padding to make sure that they can protect most of the face’s width.

Aside from that, under snowy conditions, your eyes need to fight against the fact that snow also reflects the sunrays. When snowboarding or skiing under sunny conditions, it makes perfect sense to opt for category dark grey or dark brown lenses.  

The polarized lenses that can reduce the glare are recommended as well. If you are skiing under cloudy conditions, orange or yellow lenses are the smart options as these can boost contrast perception. Lenses of blue color are perfect under changeable conditions. 

Quality sunglasses these days have the tendency to feature double lenses to ensure that they will not fog up too fast under the cold. It is also a feature that keeps you protected during a fall or if a break occurs in the outer lens. Air vents can help guarantee proper ventilation. 

Water Sports

Just like snow, water can also cause a highly annoying glare. When it comes to water sports, sport sunglasses with polarizing filter, that you can buy at Crulle online store, can offer the perfect solution. The filter can improve distance viewing, heightens contrast, and reduces glare. This can also help recognize under water objects more clearly.

Category 2 lenses and category 3 in regions in the south are perfect on a surfboard or boat with brown, green, or grey lenses being the ideal option for clear vision. Floating sunglasses or those with a strap or headband help ensure that you will not end up losing your glasses every time you tumble or leap into the cool water.

FAQs about Sports Sunglasses

  • How do you choose the best pair of sports sunglasses for you?
  • Go for sunglasses made for certain sports or opt for lenses and frames that are generally designed for high impact, water, or field sports. See to it that the pair of frames you choose will fit your face, meet relevant specifications for safety, and has the performance and comfort features you need.

  • Should you wear goggles or sunglasses during sports?
  • Goggles secured with head strap or glasses featuring straight, bent, or adjustable temples can offer eye protection and vision correction during active wear. The activity’s intensity, need for sealed fit surrounding the eyes, and risk of impact make goggles the safer option for specific sports.

  • What lens tins are ideal for sports?
  • The preferable lens tints for sport sunglasses vary depending on the surrounding environment and light conditions. There are tints that enhance depth perception, contrast, and equipment appearance of particular colors. Consider significant colors, typical surroundings, and high intensity associated with a certain activity to pick the right tint color.

  • Which are the most durable frame materials?
  • Most vision experts suggest Grilamid TR90 frames when it comes to sports eyewear. It is a thermoplastic material that is lightweight, flexible, and stronger compared to acetate. There are also other types of metal or plastic frames that are ideal for activities when you need to wear your pair of prescription sports sunglasses that depends on relevant requirements for added protection from impact.

  • What are the applicable safety standards for sports eyewear?
  • There are some applicable safety standards for eyewear pieces worn during sports or athletic activities. ASTM International, the standards body, releases specifications for particular sports such as the F803 standard covering various impact sports. The safety eyewear pieces with ANSI Z87.1 high-impact or basic rating might be suitable for certain sports as well.

    Use these practical tricks and tips to help you find the perfect pair of sport sunglasses for you!

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