Yes, most of the time it is us who rescue our pets, but certainly not always. Sometimes, our pets can rescue us, too.

Michael Greenblatt, the fitness instructor, has worked with many celebrities over the years. But, it is the cat named Roadrunner who has impacted his life the most.

The little black cat started showing up every morning at Michael’s house to run with him, sometimes next to him and sometimes along the opposite side. Michael even asked some veterinarians regarding cats running alongside humans, and none of them had any clue. Two different black cats gave Michael love when he grew up, so Roadrunner choosing to be with him seems quite right.

Michael eventually adopted her, and began training her as if she was another of his client. According to him, Roadrunner’s distance running time is now 46 seconds faster! Roadrunner just truly loves running, as is evident by the fact that she appears upset if, for some reason, Michael has to cancel their running session on a particular day. Roadrunner is the world’s only cat to love long distance running.

To learn more about Roadrunner and Michael visit their website and their Facebook page.

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