In the Quanzhou Shaolin Temple of China, you can find a monk named Shi Liliang, who has spent much of the past 10 years practicing the art of running on water. This has led him to set a world record for the longest distance ran on water, a full 125 meters.

This special Chinese martial art technique is known as Shuishangpiao, which translates to “running on water.” To perform this technique, you need incredible amounts of balance, concentration, speed, and agility. Shi Liliang’s previous record was 118 meters, which he recently broke.

Watching the video, the first thing you’ll think is that he is not running on water but running on thin boards placed on the water. Well, the boards are merely 1-cm thick (or thin) plywood planks floating on the surface of water that are not equipped to hold any weight. You or I would immediately sink were we to place our feet on those planks.


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