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14830563144 77c772bc01 z Can Intense Exercise Also Be Fun?

Can Intense Exercise Also Be Fun?

One of the biggest problems faced by many people who are looking to lose weight through exercise is that most intense exercises are not fun, which makes them more difficult to complete often enough to actually be successful in weight loss, leading to disappointment.

However, Denmark researches have recently explored this issue and have been developing a different approach to exercise that will help even the most unmotivated person push themselves. It is known as interval training, and allows people to have more fun during their exercise time which encourages them to spend more time doing it.

Interval training means …

plussize Plus-Sized Model On a Fitness Magazine?

Plus-Sized Model On a Fitness Magazine?

On the cover of Women’s Running’s August 2015 magazine, you can find New York City runner Erica Schenk. Unlike most women that have adorned the cover of this and other fitness magazines, Schenk is a plus-size model. In an interview with, the editor-in-chief of Women’s Running told them, “There’s a stereotype that all runners are skinny, and that’s just not the case.”…

9055943792 9717439371 z Use this Easy Hack to Run Longer

Use this Easy Hack to Run Longer

We’ve all had days were we feel like we can run forever and other days where we feel like the first 10 steps were 10 too many. While there are a lot of factors that go into how well you can run including sleep, stress, and diet, but one of the most over-looked factors is how much oxygen is getting to your hard-working muscles.

By learning to breath properly, you can run for longer distances and will feel better as you run. Most people only use the top third of their lungs for breathing which means they are not getting …

11 year old preparing for a half 11-Year Old Preparing for a Half-Marathon for a Great Cause

11-Year Old Preparing for a Half-Marathon for a Great Cause

Peyton first gained recognition from a blog post he wrote called “The 10 Rules of Running…. from a 9-year old.” Despite the fact that he just started 5th grade, he’s already looking for ways to help the world be better for all of its creatures.

He recently decided to take on the challenge of running a half-marathon in order to raise money and awareness for wolves and their conservation. His goal is simple: finish with a smile. Payton is running 4 to 5 times per week with longer runs added on the weekends to improve his stamina.…

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Running Hacks to Improve Your Run

Pre-Running Stretching – Don’t Do It

Numerous studies have shown that when you do those pre-running static stretches, you’re really just wasting your time. These stretches don’t help prevent injury and they might actually hurt your running performance. Just stretch after your workout, or try dynamic stretching prior to hitting the pavement.

Take Walking Breaks

There are some people who already have taken this tip to the next level by competing entire marathons this way. Taking brisk walking breaks in between running is a great way to lengthen your total time you spend running which is particularly helpful for beginners …

14297111223 4cea2c7af6 z 10 Reasons to Run

10 Reasons to Run

Runners understand how much running can change your life when it becomes part of who you are and isn’t just something you do. Here are 5 reasons to run so that you can change your own life for the better.

1. Improved Mental Health

Running can create an amazing happy sensation known as “runner’s high” when the body naturally starts turning out pleasure chemicals. These pleasure chemicals can help improve your mental health and can even help fight depression and other mood disorders.

2. Strengthened Lungs

As you log more and more miles of running, your lungs capacity will increase. …

8712686786 0ee25bdc13 o Running and Staying Young

Running and Staying Young

A new study conducted on older people who are active has found that walking may not be as effective as running when it comes to reversing aging. Does that mean you need to increase the pace of your exercises?

Walking is certainly a very good exercise. Seniors who regularly walk report fewer incidences of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and obesity than their sedentary counterparts. For years, scientists and doctors have considered the ability to walk well as a major indication of good health for older people.…

manpushing Training Too Hard May be Worse than Not Doing Any Exercise

Training Too Hard May be Worse than Not Doing Any Exercise

Never putting on those training sports shoes you have is certainly bad for your health. But so is training a bit too hard, according to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

A report published in the journal noted a study in which the researchers observed over 1000 non-joggers and joggers for 12 years.

They found that jogging steadily for 2 hours and half per week or less proves to be the most beneficial.

UK guidance, the same way, suggests adults to engage in around 150 weekly exercise minutes.

In addition to considering aspects such as length of …