Viral Tennessee Half Marathon Video Shows Fun Running Time

It looked as if the movie Deliverance had come alive in real life. The only difference was that the event took place along the Tennessee’s Franklin Half Marathon.

Local Red Duck Cantrell, April, and a few others decided that they should have some fun. And that led to the event.

Some fun heckling was involved, and even squealing of a pig could be heard. Also, dueling of banjos played in the scene.

According to April, the videographer of the viral video, their crew in Leiper’s Fork is all about doing quirky stuffs which are entertaining for them, as well as for others.

A number of runners stopped and took photos with the fun crew. In the video, one man wearing overalls seems to pause the heckling a bit to run alongside them.

The act of the crew managed to amuse the organizers of the race. The organizers even published its account on the official website.

According to Red Duck, they were up all night drinking moonshine, and the next thing they encountered was a running group of people wearing tight shorts.


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