Day: September 1, 2015

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Research Reveals When the Best Exercise Time Is

From now on, you may want to leave your bed a bit earlier and start exercising the moment you are on your feet. That is because scientists claim that they have evidence that working out during the fasting hours help you burn a higher percentage of fat than doing so some other time.

A study carried out in 2010 in Belgium divided a group of young and healthy men into three parts. Everyone was made to consume a diet having nearly 30 percent higher calories and close to 50 percent higher fats than their usual diet. One group was asked …

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Running and Staying Young

A new study conducted on older people who are active has found that walking may not be as effective as running when it comes to reversing aging. Does that mean you need to increase the pace of your exercises?

Walking is certainly a very good exercise. Seniors who regularly walk report fewer incidences of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and obesity than their sedentary counterparts. For years, scientists and doctors have considered the ability to walk well as a major indication of good health for older people.…

manpushing Training Too Hard May be Worse than Not Doing Any Exercise

Training Too Hard May be Worse than Not Doing Any Exercise

Never putting on those training sports shoes you have is certainly bad for your health. But so is training a bit too hard, according to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

A report published in the journal noted a study in which the researchers observed over 1000 non-joggers and joggers for 12 years.

They found that jogging steadily for 2 hours and half per week or less proves to be the most beneficial.

UK guidance, the same way, suggests adults to engage in around 150 weekly exercise minutes.

In addition to considering aspects such as length of …