For those who consider fitness as their life, you probably have heard about Manimal. It is a social conscious brand that believes to impact the society around everybody through their business choices and message. What makes it different from other brands in the market is that all apparel of Manimal is made in the US. They use fabrics that are from the US and sewn, cut, washed, and dyed apparel in their headquarters in Los Angeles. They also have a great place in Portland, Oregon where they do hand-screen printed using eco-friendly inks.

The Story Behind the Creation of Manimal

It was in year 2009 when founders live CrossFit life in which they coach night after night and train daily. Due to this, they rarely do anything that did not have to do with boosting performance and pushing themselves to the limits. That is the reason why they wanted to wear something that will show their way of life. Unfortunately, the options back in those days were poor quality T-shirts that proclaim fitness enthusiasts as bad ass. With this in mind, Manimal team searched for quality CrossFit apparel with deep meaning that they could relate to and they could wear anywhere they go.

Luckily, the team of Manimal had a background in business and design so they started making some custom apparel that is suited for CrossFit gyms and since then, they released their first brand lineup of Manimal products. Like their mark, their apparel is actually hybrid, which is a combination of athletic apparel and fashion. Today, Manimal is considered as a lifestyle brand of many people, particularly to those who are into CrossFit.

What Should You Know about the Wrist Wraps of Manimal?

Athletes are always wrapping their wrists with an athletic tape and ripping them off painfully after throwing out daily after a competition or training session. The developers were tired of ordering tape and they suffered from wrist injuries, fatigue, and pain. This is why Manimal created Manimal Wrist Wraps, which are the solution to such concerns.

Manimal Wrist Wraps are based on a research of various options that are available, yet none of them were specifically designed for CrossFit. It’s a training style that required both mobility and rigid support of the wrist wraps during workouts and lifts combined. After months of research, the Manimal Wrist Wraps are born. These are ideal for CrossFit athletes, gymnast, powerlifters, weightlifters, strongman, and competitors.a

Aside from being backed by months of research, the materials used for these wrist wraps are of high quality. The features of these wrist wraps are different from the ones found in the market as these are specifically created to suit the lifestyle of CrossFit enthusiasts. So, if you are into CrossFit and you are missing some accessories that would embody your lifestyle or way of life, get Manimal Wrist Wraps now!

If you want to know more about the offers of Manimal, don’t forget to check their official website at!

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